The functionality of the CAM Design Tool is included in the XAE of TwinCAT, which means there is no need to download an additional software module. A license is required to save a cam plate in a project file. See "Ordering and activation of TwinCAT 3 standard licenses".

Once a cam plate has been created in a project it cannot be changed, but it remains in the project. A license is only required on the workstations on which cam plates are designed or modified.

If no license is available at the workstation, a message is displayed the first time a new cam plate is created, which the user must confirm:

Licensing 1:

Required licenses:

TE1510 CAM Design Tool

This license is an engineering license and must be activated on the engineering system. For testing purposes, a demo mode simulation can be used without a license.

Restrictions in the demo version

Cam plates generated without a license can be loaded into the XAR. However, they are ignored when the project is saved.