TE1010 | TC3 Realtime Monitor


The TwinCAT 3 Real-time Monitor enables precise diagnostics and optimization of the runtime behavior of tasks in the TwinCAT 3 runtime. It offers a graphical representation of the temporal processing of real-time tasks and their modules across all cores. In addition, user-defined processes and their dependencies can be represented graphically through appropriate instrumentation of the control software.

The Real-time Monitor makes the time behavior of the control software on a target system completely transparent and enables comprehensive time analysis. It thus supports both fault diagnosis and time optimization of the configuration, especially on multi-core systems.



A separate installer is used for the installation. The license is activated as usual under TwinCAT 3.



The Real-time Monitor can only be used for diagnosis of TwinCAT 3.1 runtimes from TwinCAT 3.1 version 4024.0 or higher.

It is suitable for Windows 10-based target systems, but not for target systems based on Windows CE.



The TwinCAT 3 Real-time Monitor (TE1010) is an Engineering product. Licensing is therefore carried out exclusively on the Engineering system.

There is no 7-day trial license available for this product.