BECKHOFF Automation:  TwinCAT 3 XAE

TwinCAT 3 XAE Technologies

TwinCAT 3 XAE 1:

TwinCAT Connectivity describes the possibilities to communicate from the outside or within a TwinCAT controller and to exchange data. Many communication protocols are offered as TwinCAT 3 Functions.

1. TwinCAT Automation Device Specification (ADS)

This first section is an introduction into the Beckhoff ADS technology. ADS stands for "Automation Device Specification" and describes a device- and fieldbus-independent interface. This interface got designed by Beckhoff, and is - including the protocol - in detail documented. The ADS components get installed together with TwinCAT 3. For integration into own applications and tools there are ADS components (C/C++, .NET) available from Beckhoff, free of charge.


    TwinCAT ADS


    Specification TwinCAT ADS

    C/C++ Reference TwinCAT ADS DLL    

    .NET Reference TwinCAT.ADS


     C/C++ TwinCAT ADS Samples  

    .NET TwinCAT ADS Samples


2. TwinCAT Automation Interface

The TwinCAT Automation Interface enables the automatic creation and manipulation of TwinCAT XAE configurations via (script) code. The automation of a TwinCAT configuration is mainly available through two automation interfaces and can be used from all COM-capable high level languages and also from dynamic script languages.


    TwinCAT Automation Interface


    TwinCAT Automation Interface Reference





3. Remote Access


4. TwinCAT 3 Connectivity Functions