UPS software components - Reference

Installation of the UPS software components from Beckhoff driver archive CD/DVD

Operating systems supported:

UPS hardware supported:

The following languages are supported:

The following files are copied into the ..\System32 or ..\SysWOW64 directory during installation:

The ..\Program Files\Beckhoff\UPS Software Components\xxxx directory receives the HTML documentation files (xxxx == Language identifier):

The ..\Winnt\Temp directory receives:


Carry out the following steps in order to install the software:

1. Close all running applications. Please stop the UPS service (if allready running): Start->All Programs->BECKHOFF->UPS Software Components->UPS configuration->Select...->Manufacturer->(None) and then confirm with Finish and Apply (Windows XP and lower: Start->Control Panel->Power Options->BECKHOFF UPS configuration->Select...->Manufacturer->(None)).

Uninstall the previous version of the software from the PC (if there is any under: Start->Control Panel->Programs and Features->Uninstall or change a program->UPS Software Components).


2. Execute Beckhoff_UPSvX.X.X.X.exe which will install the UPS software components ( X = version numbers).

Beckhoff UPS software installation 1:

Select the desired language, and confirm with Next

3. The version of the software to be installed is displayed in the following dialog.

Beckhoff UPS software installation 2:


4. The list with software components is displayed in the following dialog.

The NT4 installation shows two additional components:

Beckhoff UPS software installation 3:

Confirm with Next.


5. The PC will have to be restarted after installation.

Beckhoff UPS software installation 4:


The installation is complete.