Windows CE UPS software components - Reference


Beckhoff Industrial PCs with Windows CE and 24 V UPS support are supplied with a special Beckhoff battery driver for Windows CE. In these devices the driver is included in the standard CE image. The UPS hardware is wired internally with the on-board electronics. Only the external UPS battery pack has to be connected to the device (see description in the device documentation).


The UPS functionality is deactivated at delivery state. To activate the UPS functionality please follow the descritpion at the UPS configuration page.



CAB files are used to update the Windows CE driver components. The CAB file contains the new driver components.

Copy the new CAB file to !\Hard Disk\System" folder and execute the CAB file using double click.


Installation of Battery driver for Windows CE 1:

Confirm all dialogs with OK.


Installation of Battery driver for Windows CE 2:

Finaly reset (reboot) your system. The new driver is ready for operation but the UPS function is still deactivated.

To activate the UPS function please follow the description at the  UPS configuration page.