TwinCAT System Manager: Control Elements & Displays

Selection of the Target system

You can select and furtheron configure Target systems respectively Remote-systems by the menu item Selection of the Target system which ist new in TwinCAT 2.9. You can access the dialogue from the system manager's menu bar under the item "Aktions".
Cause it is very important for the following to know the difference between "Target system" and "Remote system" here a definition: "Definition of Remote- rsp. Targetsystem"


Dialogue "Select Target system"

After you have accessed the menue item "Select Target system" as described above,  the dialogue "Select Target system" appears. Here you see a tree structure of all configuration targets registered at the local TwinCAT router. The first item is the local TwinCAT system with its ADS-AmsNetId. The configuration targets which are shown as child targets are called "static routes". You find them in the system managers tree structure underneath "SYSTEM - Configuration", child element "Route Settings". If the required target system is available (Network is connected, TwinCAT is started rsp. in Config-Mode), you can choose it as target system. So you can connect to a CX1000, to configure it. This means, if you are local logged in on '', a double click on 'CX_002F10' would create a connection to exact this target system.

Auswahl Zielsytem 1:

If you want to access targets which aren't shown yet, you can click on the button "Search..." to look for further target systems accessable from "local". The "Add Route Dialogue" appears and further TwinCAT target systems are added to the list of the actual routes.

If you want to look for further targets which are located behind one of the listed target systems, so called "Remote-systems", click on the target system from which you want to route and click on "Search...". In this example we want to look for remote systems starting at 'CX_002F10'.    

Auswahl Zielsytem 2:

After a click on "Search..." the "Add Route Dialogue" appears. Now you can look for remote-systems which are accessable and configurable from the router of the device 'CX_002F10'. These could be for instance profibus-members of the 'CX_002F10' with ADS-interface or an AX2xxx-B200 drive with Lightbus Interface.
Or you could for instance add another PC as Remote-PC cause the local configuration system has no rights for the Remote-System but the target system 'CX_002F10' has. So it is quasi routed over the target system 'CX_002F10' to the Remote-PC.


The "Add Route Dialogue" 

You can find a description of the dialogue starting with a click on "Search..." here...