General operating facilities

In order for TCatScopeView to be able to record variables from a software task, a configuration must either be loaded or created.

This section describes the creation of a new configuration and the possible settings associated with that process.

Context menu

General operating facilities 1:

Insert tree elements

Tree elements can be inserted by means of the context menu. The base element under which the new element is to be inserted must first be selected.

The context menu can be opened with the right hand mouse button, or with the <ALT + Enter> key combination. Each element at which it is possible to insert a sub-element has a corresponding item in the context menu.

Delete a tree element

There are several possible ways to delete a tree element. The first step to deleting an element is that it is selected in the tree structure.

Rename a tree element

There are several ways to rename a tree element. The first step here again is that the element is selected.

Using the keyboard to change window

With the <F6> key you can switch back and forth between the tree structure and the property pages.