Beckhoff Knowledge Base: sACN


This documentation refers to the ANSI standard E1.31-2009 and the use of TwinCAT 2.
For projects with TwinCAT 3 please use the documentation sACN | 2016

DMX is a standard that is widely used for controlling lighting elements in stage and building services applications. Beckhoff offers the EL6851 DMX master terminal and the EL6851-0010 DMX slave terminal for this purpose.

ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association) developed sACN (Streaming Architecture for Control Networks) to enable the benefits of Ethernet to be utilised. It transfers DMX universe data via UDP/IP. The DMX data are embedded in the sACN frame as a complete universe and tunnelled through UDP/IP via a further layer. sACN is defined through ANSI standard E1.31-2009 and represents a subset of the ACN standard (ANSI standard E1.17).

Introduction 1:

Further information can be found on our website at PC-based Control for Stage- and Show Technology