Beckhoff Knowledge Base: Communication with an ekey finger scanner

Error Codes

Value (hex) Value (dec) Description
0x0000 0 No error.
0x8001 32769 Input parameters have changed during reception.
0x8002 32770 Overflow of the send buffer.
0x800A 32778 End of the string.
0x800B 32779 String may not contain any zero characters.
0x8014 32788 Invalid data pointer.
0x8015 32789 Invalid data pointer for received data.
0x8016 32790 Invalid length of received data.
0x8017 32791 End of the data block.
0x8018 32792 Invalid size of the process data.
0x8101 33025 Operating mode is not supported.
0x8102 33026 Invalid channel number.
0x83E8 33768 Unknown master.
0x83E9 33769 CRC error.
0x83EA 33770 Error during enrollment.
0x83EB 33771 No RFID for the user on the finger scanner available.
0x83EC 33772 Finger scanner timeout.
0x83ED 33773 Error while reading the template.
0x83EE 33774 Error during transmission.
0x83EF 33775 Serial number has not been set.
0x83F0 33776 Enrollment function is not supported (see E_EKEY_EnrollmentFunction).
0x83F1 33777 LED function is not supported (see E_EKEY_LEDFunction).
0x83F2 33778 Time for LED function lies outside the valid range (-1 - 2147483647).
0x83F3 33779 Operating mode is not supported (see eMode of FB_EKEY_Communication).
0x83F4 33780 The template to be read does not exist.
0x83F5 33781 Error writing template (failed transfer; try again).
0x9001 36865 Invalid baud rate.
0x9002 36866 Invalid number of data bits.
0x9003 36867 Invalid number of stop bits.
0x9004 36868 Invalid parity.
0x9005 36869 Invalid handshake.
0x9006 36870 Invalid number of registers.
0x9007 36871 Invalid register.
0x9008 36872 COM timeout.