TwinCAT Quick Start


 Overview 1:

What is TwinCAT System Manager?

The TwinCAT System Manager is the central tool for the configuration of the TwinCAT System.

The inputs and outputs of the participating software tasks and the physical inputs and outputs of the connected field busses are managed by the TwinCAT System Manager. Additionally the online values of the active configurations can be regarded.

The logical inputs and outputs are assigned to the physical ones by logically linking variables of the software tasks and variables of the field buses.

Configuration modules of the TwinCAT System Manager

In the following, the main components of the TwinCAT System Manager are listed. The existence of these components depends on the level of the installed TwinCAT System.

Realtime Configuration

Realtime configurations and creation of user defined tasks.

PLC Configuration

Under this entry, all PLC projects that are running on the local system are listed (currently up to four projects).

Cam Configuration

Electronical Cam Server and its configuration.

I/O Configuration

Corresponding field bus interface cards are necessary to link the control to the process level. Which cards are used must be defined under this entry.