TwinCAT Quick Start

Introduction to working with TwinCAT and System requirements

The aim of this introduction is to provide the reader with a swift overview of the possibilities offered by TwinCAT without going into details. The explanations are supplemented by an example application that is added to step by step in the individual chapters.

Refer to the individual instructions of the programs for detailed information.

System requirements

486 processor or higher

To operate TwinCAT, you need a PC with a 486 type processor or higher. The computer must also have a mathematical coprocessor. The coprocessor will be integrated in a 486DX, DX2 or DX4 processor. In the case of 486SX or SX2 processors, the computer can be upgraded with an overdrive processor, which then contains a coprocessor.

At least 16 MB RAM

The computer must contain at least 16 MB of RAM. Memory requirement increases if applications are large or if additional software is run on the computer in parallel with TwinCAT

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista operating system

TwinCAT 2.10 runs under the Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating system. TwinCAT 2.9 runs under the Windows NT/2000/XP operating system. Operation under Windows NT V3.x, Windows 95 or the Windows V3.x 16-bit operating systems is not possible.

The Example program requirements

You need the software TwinCAT version 2.10 or higher to be able to run the sample program.

This example is useful for the fieldbusses Lightbus, Ethernet or EtherCAT. For implementation you need

- PC interface card for II/O-Lightbus (FC2001) or Ethernet (FC9001)

- Bus coupler

- 2 Bus terminal with each 2 digital outputs

- Bus end terminal

- Wiring material (fiber-optic cable, stranded wires, etc.)

- 24V power supply unit

Nevertheless, other fieldbusses can be used according to this example.


The required Hardware for the sample program is contained in the Beckhoff Demokits.