TS5050 | TwinCAT NC Camming

FUNCTION_BLOCK MC_SetCamOnlineChangeMode

MC_SetCamOnlineChangeMode 1:

Cam plate data can be modified at run time via the PLC (see MC_WriteMotionFunction, C_WMriteMotionFunctionPoint). The function block MC_SetCamOnlineChangeMode is used to specify when and how these changes take effect.

This function specifies the activation mode for modifications but does not affect a change or change-over of cam plates.


        Execute                 : BOOL;
        ActivationMode  : MC_CamActivationMode;
        ActivationPosition      : LREAL;
        MasterScalingMode       : MC_CamScalingMode;
        SlaveScalingMode        : MC_CamScalingMode;
        CamTableID      : MC_CAM_ID;

Execute : The command is executed with rising edge.

ActivationMode: defines when and how the cam table is scaled. (MC_CamActivationMode)

ActivationPosition: optional master position where the table is scaled (depending on ActivationMode).

MasterScalingMode: Type of master scaling. (MC_CamScalingMode)

SlaveScalingMode: Type of slave scaling. (MC_CamScalingMode)

CamTableID: Table ID.


        Done    : BOOL;
        Busy    : BOOL;
        Error   : BOOL;
        ErrorID         : UDINT;

Done: Becomes TRUE if scaling was successful.

Busy: Becomes TRUE, as soon as the function block gets busy and becomes FALSE when the operation is finished and the block can be triggered again

Error: Becomes TRUE, as soon as an error occurs.

ErrorID: Supplies the error number when the Error output is set

Development Environment Target System PLC Libraries to include
TwinCAT v2.9 Build 1001 PC (i386) TcNcCamming.Lib