FindAndReplaceChar 1:

The function finds a character, which may occur more than once, in a string and replaces it with another character.

The function returns

The function stops the checking of the input length after Parameterlist.cMaxCharacters characters in order to avoid an infinite loop.

FUNCTION FindAndReplaceChar : UDINT


    pSrcString    : POINTER TO STRING;
    sDeleteChar   : STRING(1);
    sInsertChar   : STRING(1);
    pDstString    : POINTER TO STRING;
    nDstSize      : UDINT;

pSrcString: Pointer to the STRING variable whose string is to be searched (input string)

sDeleteChar: Character to be replaced

sInsertChar: Character to replace the other character

pDstString: Pointer to the resulting STRING variable (output string)

nDstSize: Size of the resulting STRING variable (output string) in bytes. The operator SIZEOF() can be used for the assignment.


Development environment

Target platform

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.4022

PC or CX (x86, x64, ARM)

Tc2_Utilities (System) >=