Example: File search (FB_EnumFindFileEntry, FB_EnumFindFileList)

Here you can unpack the complete sources: EnumFindFile.zip

Example: FB_EnumFindFileEntry (ST)

In the local TwinCAT system all files should be listed in the following directory: C:\Windows\system32\. The file names should be written as messages into the TwinCAT XAE error list. It should be possible to cancel this process. A rising edge at the bEnum variable starts the listing of found files. A rising edge at the bAbort variables aborts the process.

PROGRAM P_TestEnumEntry
    fbEnum: FB_EnumFindFileEntry := ( sNetID := '', tTimeout := T#5s, sPathName := 'C:\Windows\System32\*.*' );
    bEnum : BOOL;
    bAbort: BOOL;
    nState: BYTE;
CASE nState OF
        IF bEnum THEN             (* flag set ? *)
            bEnum       := FALSE;         (* reset flag *)
            fbEnum.eCmd := eEnumCmd_First;    (* enum first entry *)
            nState      := 1;

    1:    (* enum one entry *)
        IF bAbort THEN
            bAbort      := FALSE;
            fbEnum.eCmd := eEnumCmd_Abort;
        fbEnum( bExecute := FALSE );
        fbEnum( bExecute := TRUE );
        nState     := 2;

    2:    (* wait until function block not busy *)
        fbEnum( bExecute := FALSE );
        IF NOT fbEnum.bBusy THEN
            IF NOT fbEnum.bError THEN
                IF NOT fbEnum.bEOE THEN
                    ADSLOGSTR( ADSLOG_MSGTYPE_HINT OR ADSLOG_MSGTYPE_LOG, 'FB_EnumFindFileEntry, find file name: %s', fbEnum.stFindFile.sFileName );
                    fbEnum.eCmd := eEnumCmd_Next; (* enum next entry *)
                    nState      := 1;
                ELSE (* no more entries *)
                    nState      := 0;
            ELSE (* log error *)
                ADSLOGSTR( ADSLOG_MSGTYPE_ERROR OR ADSLOG_MSGTYPE_LOG, 'FB_EnumFindFileEntry error:%s', DWORD_TO_HEXSTR( fbEnum.nErrID, 0, FALSE ) );
                nState     := 0;

The log messages written into the TwinCAT XAE error list:

Example: File search (FB_EnumFindFileEntry, FB_EnumFindFileList) 1:

Example: FB_EnuFindFileList (FBD)

A rising edge at the bFirst variables activates the process. If successful the file names are entered in the fileList array variable.

PROGRAM P_TestEnumList
    fbEnum      : FB_EnumFindFileList;
    filesList   : ARRAY[1..10] OF ST_FindFileEntry;
    bFirst      : BOOL;
    bNext       : BOOL;
    bAbort      : BOOL;
    bBusy       : BOOL;
    bError      : BOOL;
    nErrID      : UDINT;
    bEOE        : BOOL;
    nFindFiles  : UDINT;

Online view:

Example: File search (FB_EnumFindFileEntry, FB_EnumFindFileList) 2:


Development environment

Target platform

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC or CX (x86, x64, ARM)

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