TYPE ST_DeviceIdentification :
    strTargetType       : STRING(30);
    strHardwareModel    : STRING(10);
    strHardwareSerialNo : STRING(12);
    strHardwareVersion  : STRING(8);
    strHardwareDate     : STRING(12);
    strHardwareCPU      : STRING(20);
    strImageDevice      : STRING(48);
    strImageVersion     : STRING(32);
    strImageLevel       : STRING(32);
    strImageOsName      : STRING(48);
    strImageOsVersion   : STRING(8);
    strTwinCATVersion   : STRING(4);
    strTwinCATRevision  : STRING(4);
    strTwinCATBuild     : STRING(8);
    strTwinCATLevel     : STRING(20);
    strAmsNetId         : T_AmsNetId;

strTargetType: Target system type, e.g. 'CX1000 CE', ....

strHardwareModel: Hardware model, e.g. '1001'.

strHardwareSerialNo: Hardware serial number, e.g. '123'.

strHardwareVersion: Hardware version, e.g. '1.7'.

strHardwareDate: Hardware production date, e.g. '18.8.06'.

strHardwareCPU: Hardware CPU architecture, e.g. 'INTELx86', 'ARM', 'UNKNOWN' or '' (empty string).

strImageDevice: Software platform, e.g. 'CX1000', ....

strImageVersion: Software platform version, e.g. '2.15'.

strImageLevel: Software platform level, e.g. 'HMI'.

strImageOsName: Name of operating system, e.g. 'Windows CE'.

strImageOsVersion: Operating system version, e.g. '5.0'.

strTwinCATVersion: TwinCAT version, e.g. for TwinCAT 2.10.1307: '2'.

strTwinCATRevision: TwinCAT revision, e.g. for TwinCAT 2.10.1307: '10'.

strTwinCATBuild: TwinCAT build, e.g. for TwinCAT 2.10.1307: '1307'.

strTwinCATLevel: Registered TwinCAT level, e.g. 'PLC', 'NC-PTP', 'NC-I', ....

strAmsNetId: TwinCAT AMS-NetID, e.g. ''.


Development environment

Target platform

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC or CX (x86, x64, ARM)

Tc2_Utilities (System)