TS6280 | TwinCAT Ethernet/IP Slave

Error Codes

CN_ORC_ALREADY_USED 0x100 /* Connection already in use

CN_ORC_BAD_TRANSPORT 0x103 /* Transport type not supported

CN_ORC_OWNER_CONFLICT 0x106 /* More than one guy configuring

CN_ORC_BAD_CONNECTION 0x107 /* Trying to close inactive conn

CN_ORC_BAD_CONN_TYPE 0x108 /* Unsupported connection type

CN_ORC_BAD_CONN_SIZE 0x109 /* Connection size mismatch

CN_ORC_CONN_UNCONFIGURED 0x110 /* Connection unconfigured

CN_ORC_BAD_RPI 0x111 /* Unsupportable RPI

CN_ORC_NO_CM_RESOURCES 0x113 /* Conn Mgr out of connections

CN_ORC_BAD_VENDOR_PRODUCT 0x114 /* Mismatch in electronic key

CN_ORC_BAD_DEVICE_TYPE 0x115 /* Mismatch in electronic key

CN_ORC_BAD_REVISION 0x116 /* Mismatch in electronic key

CN_ORC_BAD_CONN_POINT 0x117 /* Nonexistant instance number

CN_ORC_BAD_CONFIGURATION 0x118 /* Bad config instance number

CN_ORC_CONN_REQ_FAILS 0x119 /* No controlling connection open

CN_ORC_NO_APP_RESOURCES 0x11A /* App out of connections