The TwinCAT CNC product is based on the TwinCAT PLC product and complemented by the powerful CNC kernel. This combination enables a complete CNC machine control to be realised as software on an Industrial PC. The real-time, fieldbus and IEC 61131 features of TwinCAT and the performance of the CNC kernel result in a currently unrivalled advanced control system that is much more flexible, powerful and expandable than conventional systems.

The following overview describes the integration of the CNC kernel into TwinCAT. Familiarity with the TwinCAT PLC product is assumed. For special issues relating to the CNC kernel, reference is made to relevant documents. This document therefore only addresses the items that were extended in the TwinCAT system to enable the integration of the CNC kernel:



Configuration in the TwinCAT System Manager

Configuration via description files (*.LIS files)

High Level Interfaces (HLI)

Tool management

Messages and Errors