System overview

TwinCAT 3 PLC realises one or more PLCs with the international standard IEC 61131-3 3rd edition on one CPU. All programming languages described in the standard can be used for programming. The blocks of the type PROGRAM can be linked with real-time tasks. Various convenient debugging options facilitate fault-finding and commissioning. Program modifications can be carried out at any times and in any size online, i.e. when the PLC is running. All variables are available symbolically by ADS and can be read and written in appropriate clients.



TwinCAT 3 PLC provides you with versatile and comfortable engineering functions for your development work:

See also in this online help:
Project configuration through wizards
Interface customization
Generation of professional control programs according to IEC 61131-3 with many standard features
Convenient programming with mouse and keyboard in all IEC 61131-3 languages
Corresponding editors for FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, plus the variants CFC and Extended CFC
Input support for input and configuration of a wide range of data
Support of object-oriented programming
Genuine object-oriented programming according to 61131-3 third edition, in all IEC 61131-3 languages possible without additional tools
Inheritance of program blocks to similar program parts to reduce development time and errors
Object-oriented programming is not a must: functional or object-oriented programming can be used and mixed as required
Comprehensive project comparison, also for graphic editors
Library concept for convenient reuse of program code
Debugging and online features to optimize program code and speed up testing and commissioning
Integrated compilers for various CPU platforms
Security properties for protecting the source code and operating the controller

Using the online help

This online help is intended to help you use the TwinCAT 3 PLC development system smoothly and successfully. Here you can quickly find answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Each help component consists of a conceptual part and a reference part.

In the conceptual part all topics are explained in detail that are relevant when creating a TwinCAT 3 PLC project. The concepts are supplemented by instructions that guide you to the desired result, step-by-step.

The reference parts are complete reference works for the user interface and programming of TwinCAT 3 PLC. See also the "TC3 User Interface" documentation.

Additional information
Differences compared with TwinCAT 2
Your first TwinCAT 3 PLC project