Creating a stand-alone PLC Project

1. Select the command New > Project in the menu File.
The dialog New Project opens.
2. Select the TwinCAT PLC template TwinCAT PLC project.
3. Give the PLC project a name (e.g. "SeparatePlcProject") and select a storage location and a solution.
4. Confirm the dialog with OK.
A new project folder opens in the Solution Explorer. The project name "SeparatePlcProject" appears in the title bar of the main window.
5. Mark the PLC object in the project tree and select the command Add New Item… in the menu Project or in the context menu.
6. Select the Standard PLC Project in the Plc Templates category and enter a name (e.g. "PLC1").
7. Quit the dialog with Add.
The following structure is created in the view Solution Explorer:
Creating a stand-alone PLC Project 1:
Below the PLC project object (PLC1), the base objects of a standard PLC project and the type system appear automatically. In contrast to the standard PLC project, which is embedded in a TwinCAT project, no PLC instance is created.

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