Object Interface property

Symbol: Object Interface property  1:

An interface property is a tool for object-oriented programming. The object Interface property is added to an interface via the command Add > Property... in order to extend the description of the interface with the accessor method Get and/or Set. No implementation code is included for the accessor methods in the interface property. If you delete the Set accessor, only read access is available for the property, not write access.

The Get accessor is used for read access to the property.
The Set accessor is used for write access to the property.

If the property has no Get and/or Set, this accessor can be added to the interface property with the command Add.

Object Interface property  2:

If you extend a function block or a program with an interface that contains properties, TwinCAT automatically adds this and the corresponding Get and/or Set accessors in the PLC project tree under the POU. You can then implement the code in the Get and/or Set accessors.

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