Versioned C++ Projects

Versioned C++ Projects 1:

From TwinCAT 3.1 Build 4024.0

The functionality described here is available from TwinCAT 3.1. 4024.0.

Versioned TwinCAT C++ projects result in an architecture-dependent TMX file during building and are loaded via the TwinCAT Loader. They must be signed by a TwinCAT user certificate.

If a C++ project was created using the template "Versioned C++ Project", the binary files are stored by a publish in the TwinCAT repository under C:\TwinCAT\3.x\Repository at a vendor- and version-specific location.

From here required modules are transferred to the target system, if they are needed:

This can be either at the time of activation (Activate Configuration) or at the time of the Online Change.

Additionally, it is possible to create an archive for the transfer between engineering systems of the binary version of this project, which is configured by the Tc Publish.