Create TwinCAT 3 project

Start the TwinCAT Engineering Environment (XAE)

Microsoft Visual Studio can be started via the TwinCAT SysTray icon.

Create TwinCAT 3 project 1:

The Visual Studio versions recognized during the installation and supported by TwinCAT are thereby offered.
Alternatively, Visual Studio can also be started via the Start menu.

Creating a TwinCAT 3 C++ project

Carry out the following steps to create a TwinCAT C++ project:

1. Select New TwinCAT Project … via the Start page.
Create TwinCAT 3 project 2:
2. Alternatively, you can create a project by clicking on: File -> New -> Project.
All existing project templates are displayed.
3. Select TwinCAT XAE Project and optionally enter a suitable project name.
4. Click OK. Create TwinCAT 3 project 3:
The Visual Studio Solution Explorer then displays the TwinCAT 3 project.
Create TwinCAT 3 project 4: