KL9570 Buffer Capacitor Terminal



The KL9570 Bus Terminal contains high-performance capacitors for stabilizing supply voltages. It can be used in conjunction with the stepper motor terminals KL2531 and KL2541 and the DC motor terminals KL2532 and KL2552.

Low internal resistance and high pulse current capability enable good buffering in parallel with a power supply unit. Return currents are stored, particularly in the context of drive applications, thereby preventing overvoltages. If the recovery energy exceeds the capacity of the capacitors, energy can be dissipated via an external ballast resistor.



The KL9570 monitors the voltage between terminal points 2 (+UIN) and 6 (-UIN).
When this voltage reaches 55 V, the KL9570 establishes a connection between terminal points 5 and 6.
If the voltage between terminal points 2 and 6 falls below 52 V, the KL9570 disconnects terminal points 5 and 6 from each other again.

The switch-on threshold of 55 V in conjunction with the switch-off threshold results in a hysteresis of 3 V.

If you connect a brake resistor (typically 10 Ω) between terminal points 1 (+Rext) and 5 (-Rext),
it dissipates the surplus energy when the KL9570 connects terminal points 5 and 6.


LED display

The Overload LED is lit as soon as terminal points 5 and 6 are connected.