Power supply

Risk of injury through electric shock and damage to the device!

Bring the Bus Terminal system into a safe, voltage-free state before starting mounting, disassembly or wiring of the Bus Terminals!

Power supply 1:
Three power supply units for Us with low-resistance ground connection
Link the grounds of the power supply units for Us of the Bus Coupler and all manual operating modules with a low-resistance connection

For interference-proof operation of the K-Bus extension, the ground of the K-Bus power supply for the bus coupler must be connected with low-resistance to the grounds of the K-Bus power supplies for all its manual operating modules (see figure above)!


Calculation of the K-Bus sum current for the bus coupler

Because the supply voltage for the K-Bus (Us) is fed into each manual operating module individually, the K-bus current consumption of the manual operating modules does not have to be taken into account when calculating the K-bus total current of the bus coupler.