1. Start the TwinCAT System Manager.
  2. Using the right mouse button, start searching for new devices under the branch I/O Configuration \ I/O devices.
    or add the fieldbus card (device) and the Bus Coupler (box) manually.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the Bus Coupler in the tree structure and add the desired Bus Terminal with the Add terminal menu item.

Insert a power terminal

The KL8001 is found in the Power Terminals (KL800x) group. You can insert up to 10 power terminals at the end of the terminal block with the KL9060 Adapter Terminal.

TwinCAT 1:
Adding a Bus Terminal in the TwinCAT System Manager

The KL8001 in the tree structure

The KL8001 is represented with 10 bytes of input data and 10 bytes of output data in the System Manager. The empty word (see process image) is present in the Bus Coupler mapping, but is not, however, displayed by the System Manager.

TwinCAT 2:
Tree structure of the KL8001 in the TwinCAT System Manager

Beckhoff Information System

For further information on configuration with the TwinCAT System Manager and programming with TwinCAT PLC Control please refer to the Beckhoff Information System. The Beckhoff Information System is a continuously growing reference system for TwinCAT products. It contains technical information, manuals, sample code, the Beckhoff Knowledge Base and much more.

The setup for installing the Beckhoff Information System is available for download from our website under In addition, the online version of the Beckhoff Information System can be found at