Risk of electric shock and damage of device!

Bring the bus terminal system into a safe, powered down state before starting installation, disassembly or wiring of the bus terminals!

The first power terminal is connected to the end of the Bus Terminal block with the KL9060 Adapter Terminal. The K-bus, and the contactor control voltage (24 V) are brought from the KL9060 to the first power terminal via a ribbon cable about 10 cm in length. Other power terminals are connected using a ribbon cable about 3 cm. Insert the ZS1010-1610 bus end plug included with the KL9060 into the last power terminal!

Connection 1:
KL8001, KL9060 - Connection

Power is supplied to the KL8001 electronics via the K-bus (through the ribbon cable).

The (24 V) contactor control voltage that is to be switched by the power terminals is also passed along the ribbon cable, but is electrically isolated from the K-bus. You may simply join the ground connection for the contactor coils (A2-) with the free ground terminals (0 V, contacts 3 and 7) on the KL9060 Adapter Terminal.


Rated current inadmissibly exceeded

The KL9060 Adapter Terminal can supply up to 1.4 A rated current to power the contactor coils (24 VDC). Make sure that this rated current is not exceeded.