KL6583 - Introduction

KL6583 - Introduction 1:
KL6583 - EnOcean transceiver

The EnOcean transceivers enable sending and receiving of EnOcean data. The antenna is integrated in the transceivers.

Two versions:


Check the admissibility of the operation in your country

Permission for use in other countries must be clarified explicitly!

The KL6583 EnOcean transceivers can be operated in following countries without registration or fee:

    The transceivers are connected to the KL6581 EnOcean master terminal via a bus connection and supplied from it with 24 V.

    KL6583 - Introduction 2:
    Up to eight KL6583 devices may be connected to one KL6581.

    The maximum length of the data bus is 500 meters. The transceivers are addressed via an address selection switch.
    Up to eight transceivers can be connected to one KL6581.

    The data is transferred from the transceivers to the KL6581 via the CAN protocol and is therefore available to the higher-level controller.

    KL6583 - Introduction 3:

    EnOcean GmbH

    For more information about EnOcean, see http://www.enocean.com.