KL6581 - Introduction

KL6581 - Introduction 1:
KL6581 - EnOcean Master Terminal

The bidirectional EnOcean technology receives signals from battery-less sensors or transmits data to actuators. With a radio signal range of at least 30 m, the wiring of buildings can be simplified significantly. The KL6581 EnOcean master terminal is the link between the KL6583 EnOcean transceiver and the application. Up to eight KL6583 EnOcean transceivers may be connected to a KL6581 EnOcean master terminal. The EnOcean data are transmitted via the corresponding fieldbus system or the controller. The KL6583 EnOcean transceivers are connected to the KL6581 via two wires for the power supply and two wires for the data bus, which transmits the EnOcean telegrams. The maximum total length of the data bus is 500 m.

KL6581 - Introduction 2:

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