Register description

The registers are used to parameterize the terminal. They can be read or written by means of the register communication.

R6: Diagnostic register

Status byte SB is placed into register R6.

R7: Command register

No commands are implemented in this terminal.

R8: Terminal description

The name of the terminal is contained in register R8. KL6021: 0x1785 (6021dec)

R9: Firmware version

Register R9 contains the ASCII coding of the terminal's firmware version, e.g. 0x3541 = '5A'. The '0x35' corresponds here to the ASCII character '5', while the '0x41' represents the ASCII character 'A'.
This value cannot be changed.

R16: Hardware version number

Register R16 contains the hardware version of the terminal; this value cannot be changed.

R29: Terminal type - special identification

The name of the special type of the terminal is contained in register R29. KL6021-0023: 0x0017 (0023dec)

R31: Code word register

The code word is reset when the terminal is restarted.

R32: Feature register

The feature register specifies the terminal's configuration. There are no configurations that can be made for this terminal.

R35: Number of data bytes sent to the Bus Coupler

Register R35 indicates the number of data bytes that transmitted to the Bus Coupler. This value cannot be changed.