KL6023 - Introduction

KL6023 - Introduction 1:
KL6023 - Wireless Adapter for EnOcean radio technology

The KL6023 Wireless Adapter receives signals from battery-less sensors with EnOcean technology. These signals are converted by the Wireless Adapter to a RS485 signal and directly processed further by the KL6021-0023 serial Bus Terminal. With a radio signal range of at least 30 m, the wiring of buildings can be simplified significantly.

KL6023 - Introduction 2:

The status LEDs of the Wireless Adapter are helpful during commissioning. The LEDs indicate all telegrams they receive as faulty or faultless. With a maximum distance of 300 m between the receiver and the Bus Terminal station, it is possible to place the receivers at any radio-technically favorable location within a building. The system does not stipulate a maximum number of transmitters per receiver unit. In practice, between 25 and 100 transmitters per receiver are used.