Process data exchange

Control byte in process data exchange (REG=0)

A gain and offset calibration of the terminal can be carried out with the control byte. The code word must be entered in R31 so that the terminal calibration can be carried out. The gain and offset of the terminal can then be calibrated. The parameter will only be saved permanently once the code word is reset!



Bit 7


Bit 6

1bin: Terminal compensation function is enabled

Bit 5


Bit 4

1bin: Gain calibration

Bit 3

1bin: Offset calibration

Bit 2

0bin: slow clock = 1000 ms

1bin: fast clock = 50 ms

Bit 1

1bin: up

Bit 0

1bin: down

Status byte in process data exchange (REG=0)

The status byte is transferred from the terminal to the controller. In the KL400x, the status byte has no function for the process data exchange.