The dialog mask for the parameterization of the KL3681 can be found under Settings.

Settings 1:
Settings via KS2000

Operating mode

  • Watchdog timer active (register page 0, register R32.2)
    Here you can deactivate the watchdog timer (default: active).
  • Frequency 60 Hz (register page 0, register R32.7)
    Here you can switch the terminal to a mains frequency of 60 Hz (default: 50  Hz).
  • User calibration active (register page 0, register R32.8)
    Here you can activate user calibration (default: inactive)
  • Filter enable (register page 0, register R32.11)
    Here you can disable the watchdog (default: enable).


Here you can select the presentation format for the process data (default: scaled).

  • Options (register page 0, registers R32.15 to R32.12)
    • Left aligned*
    • Right aligned
    • Scaled
    • Real
  • *) In left aligned presentation the extended measuring range is not available.

Zero Compensation Interval

Here you can specify the interval for zero compensation (default: deactivated).

  • Options (register page 0, register R33)
    • deactivated
    • 10 seconds
    • 1 minute
    • 10 minutes
    • automatic correction