Installation instructions for enhanced mechanical load capacity

Risk of injury through electric shock and damage to the device!

Bring the Bus Terminal system into a safe, de-energized state before starting mounting, disassembly or wiring of the Bus Terminals!

Additional checks

The terminals have undergone the following additional tests:




10 frequency runs in 3 axes

6 Hz < f < 60 Hz displacement 0.35 mm, constant amplitude

60.1 Hz < f < 500 Hz acceleration 5 g, constant amplitude


1000 shocks in each direction, in 3 axes

25 g, 6 ms

Additional installation instructions

For terminals with enhanced mechanical load capacity, the following additional installation instructions apply:

  • The enhanced mechanical load capacity is valid for all permissible installation positions
  • Use a mounting rail according to EN 60715 TH35-15
  • Fix the terminal segment on both sides of the mounting rail with a mechanical fixture, e.g. an earth terminal or reinforced end clamp
  • The maximum total extension of the terminal segment (without coupler) is:
    64 terminals (12 mm mounting with) or 32 terminals (24 mm mounting with)
  • Avoid deformation, twisting, crushing and bending of the mounting rail during edging and installation of the rail
  • The mounting points of the mounting rail must be set at 5 cm intervals
  • Use countersunk head screws to fasten the mounting rail
  • The free length between the strain relief and the wire connection should be kept as short as possible. A distance of approx. 10 cm should be maintained to the cable duct.