Application example

Risk of injury through electric shock and damage to the device!

Bring the Bus Terminals system into a safe, de-energized state before starting mounting, disassembly or wiring of the Bus Terminals!

Connecting a load cell (e.g. 4 x 350 Ω) to the KL3356.

Application example 1:
KL3356 - application example

In the example shown, the KL9510 power supply terminal (10 V) is used to supply the load cell.
Beckhoff offers various power supply terminals for the supply of power to the load cells of an KL3356:

Power supply terminal

Input voltage

Output voltage

Output current


24 VDC

5 VDC ±1%

0.5 A


24 VDC

10 VDC ±1%

0.5 A


24 VDC

12 VDC ±1%

0.5 A