KL3224 - Introduction

KL3224 - Introduction 1:
KL3224 - 4-channel analog input terminal PT1000, Ni1000

The KL3224 analog input terminal allows resistance sensors to be connected directly. A micro-controller within the terminal is used for converting and linearizing the resistance value to a temperature value. The temperatures are displayed as follows:

1/10 °C (1 digit = 0.1 °C)

In addition to this, a broken wire or short circuit is reported to the Bus Coupler or to the controller, and indicated by the ERROR LED.

NI1000 and PT1000 elements are implemented as resistance sensors. The terminal can be fully configured over a fieldbus. A self-defined scaling of the output can, for instance, be performed, or the temperature conversion can be switched off. In the latter case, the measurement is output in the range from 10 Ω up to 1.2 kΩ with a resolution of 1/16 Ω (the internal resolution of the resistance value is 1/255 Ω).