Settings for KL3208-0010

The dialog mask for the parameterization of the KL3208-0010 can be found under Settings.

Settings for KL3208-0010 1:
KL3208-0010 - Settings dialog

Operation mode

Here you can activate

  • activate the user scaling (enUsrScale, R32.0) and
  • the manufacturer scaling (enManScale, R32.1), or
  • disable the channel completely (disChannel, R32.11).

Resistance thermometer (sensor type)

Here you can set the KL3208-0010 to the connected sensor type (R32.15-R32.13):

  • PT1000
  • NI1000 with standard characteristic curve
  • NI1000 with Landis&Staefa characteristic curve (1500 Ω = 100 °C)

Choice of NTCs / Poti / b parameter

Here you can set the KL3208-0010 to NTCs, potentiometers, etc. (R39).

User Defined

If user-defined NTC (255dec, see Register R39) was selected, you can enter its parameters here.