Introduction 1:

Two-channel analog terminals with voltage inputs (0.05% accuracy)

The analog input terminals KL3132, KL3162, KL3172 and KL3182 process signals in the range -10 V to +10 V. The voltage is digitized to a resolution of 16 bits, and is transmitted, electrically isolated, to the higher-level automation device. The input channels of one Bus Terminal have differential inputs and possess a common, internal ground potential. With their small measuring error of ±0.05% of the full scale value, these terminals are optimized for high-precision control processes, such as dosing, filling, or quality assurance. The Bus Terminals combine 2 channels in a single housing. Status and error LEDs indicate the terminal state.


KL3132-0000: -10 ... +10 V
KL3162-0000: 0 ... +10 V

KL3172-0000: 0.0 ... +2.0 V
KL3172-0500: 0.0 ... +0.5 V
KL3172-1000: 0.0 ... +1.0 V

KL3182-0000: -2.0 ... +2.0 V