KS2000 - Introduction

The KS2000 configuration software permits configuration, commissioning and parameterization of bus couplers, of the affiliated bus terminals and of Fieldbus Box Modules. The connection between bus coupler / Fieldbus Box Module and the PC is established by means of the serial configuration cable or the fieldbus.

KS2000 - Introduction 1:
KS2000 configuration software


You can configure the Fieldbus stations with the Configuration Software KS2000 offline. That means, setting up a terminal station with all settings on the couplers and terminals resp. the Fieldbus Box Modules can be prepared before the commissioning phase. Later on, this configuration can be transferred to the terminal station in the commissioning phase by means of a download. For documentation purposes, you are provided with the breakdown of the terminal station, a parts list of modules used and a list of the parameters you have modified. After an upload, existing fieldbus stations are at your disposal for further editing.


KS2000 offers simple access to the parameters of a fieldbus station: specific high-level dialogs are available for all bus couplers, all intelligent bus terminals and Fieldbus Box modules with the aid of which settings can be modified easily. Alternatively, you have full access to all internal registers of the bus couplers and intelligent terminals. Refer to the register description for the meanings of the registers.


The KS2000 software facilitates commissioning of machine components or their fieldbus stations: Configured settings can be transferred to the fieldbus modules by means of a download. After a login to the terminal station, it is possible to define settings in couplers, terminals and Fieldbus Box modules directly online. The same high-level dialogs and register access are available for this purpose as in the configuration phase.

The KS2000 offers access to the process images of the bus couplers and Fieldbus Box modules.

  • Thus, the coupler's input and output images can be observed by monitoring.
  • Process values can be specified in the output image for commissioning of the output modules.

All possibilities in the online mode can be used in parallel with the actual fieldbus mode of the terminal station. The fieldbus protocol always has the higher priority in this case.