KL2791 - application example


Risk of injury through electric shock and damage to the device!

Bring the Bus Terminals system into a safe, de-energized state before starting mounting, disassembly or wiring of the Bus Terminals!

The example illustrates control of an AC motor through a KL2791. The mains voltage (230 VAC) is supplied to the power contacts via the KL9160 power feed terminal.

KL2791 - application example 1:
KL2791 - application example

Power feed terminal

A power feed terminal can supply several speed controller terminals.


The mains voltage should only be supplied via a power feed terminal that is suitable for 230 VAC / 120 VAC!

To supply the mains voltage (230 VAC / 120 VAC) for the power contacts, it is essential to use a power feed terminal that is designed for 230 VAC / 120 VAC (e.g.: KL9150, KL9160, KL9250, KL9260)!
Bus Couplers, Bus Terminal controllers and power feed terminals for 24 V are not suitable for the supply of mains voltage into the power contacts!
They are specifically designed for voltages up to 24 V and would be destroyed if 230 VAC / 120 VAC was applied to their power contacts!