Register description

All registers can be read or written via register communication. They are used for parameterizing the KL2692.

R8: Terminal description

The description of the terminal is contained in register R8. KL2692: 0x0A84 (2692dec)

R9: Firmware version

Register R9 contains the ASCII coding of the terminal's firmware version, e.g. 0x3141 = '1A'. The '0x31' corresponds here to the ASCII character '1', while the '0x41' represents the ASCII character 'A'.
This value can not be changed.

R16: Hardware version number

Register R16 contains the hardware version of the terminal.

R31: Code word register

The code word is reset if the terminal is restarted.

R32: Feature register

The feature register specifies the configuration of the terminal (in preparation).

R35: Watchdog time tP

An edge change within the watchdog time is required to prevent the drop-out of the watchdog.
Scaling: 500 µs / bit
Default value: 8dec (4 ms).

R36: Minimum switch-off time tAmin

Minimum time for which the relays remain switched off after the watchdog has been triggered, even if, after a subsequent monitoring activation, the following pulse sequence is recognized as correct.
Scaling: 500 µs / bit
Default value: 100dec (50 ms).