Parameterization with KS2000

Connect the configuration interface of your fieldbus coupler with the serial interface of your PC via the configuration cable and start the KS2000 configuration software.

Parameterization with KS2000 1:

Click on the Login button. The configuration software will now load the information for the connected fieldbus station.
In the example shown, this is

  • A Bus Coupler for Ethernet BK9000
  • a KL1xx2 digital input terminal
  • a two-channel KL2552 DC motor output stage
  • a KL9010 bus end terminal
Parameterization with KS2000 2:
Display of the fieldbus station in KS2000

The left-hand KS2000 window displays the terminals of the fieldbus station in a tree structure.
The right-hand KS2000 window contains a graphic display of the fieldbus station terminals.

In the tree structure of the left-hand window, click on the plus-sign next to the terminal whose parameters you wish to change (item 2 in the example).

Parameterization with KS2000 3:
KS2000 tree branches for channel 1 of the KL2552

For the KL2532, the branches Register, Settings and ProcData are displayed: