KL2541 - Switching behavior

The KL2541 stepper motor terminal is optimized for the fastest signal transmission from the input to the evaluation unit.

The duration, which requires a signal change as a rising or falling edge from the terminal point on the terminal front side to the logic of the central processing unit, is specified for the KL2541 at TON and TOFF < 10 μs, for rising (TON) as well as for falling edge (TOFF). Due to this low absolute cycle time, the temperature drift of the cycle time is very low.

Since additional noise filters at the input would significantly increase the signal propagation delay in the KL2541, rapid level changes or pulses in the μs range arrive at the evaluation unit unfiltered and undamped.

In order to avoid external interference, we strongly recommend to connect the signal inputs of the KL2541 via shielded cables.

The sensor / signal generator must be able to generate a sufficiently steep signal edge. The power supply unit should have sufficient reserves / buffers to allow the signal to reach the terminal with sufficient edge steepness despite capacitive / inductive losses on the supply line.