UL notice - Compact Motion


Beckhoff EtherCAT modules are intended for use with Beckhoff’s UL Listed EtherCAT System only.


For cULus examination, the Beckhoff I/O System has only been investigated for risk of fire and electrical shock (in accordance with UL508 and CSA C22.2 No. 142).

For devices with Ethernet connectors

Not for connection to telecommunication circuits.

Notes on motion devices

  • Motor overtemperature
    Motor overtemperature sensing is not provided by the drive.
  • Application for compact motion devices
    The modules are intended for use only within Beckhoff’s Programmable Controller system Listed in File E172151.
  • Galvanic isolation from the supply
    The modules are intended for operation within circuits not connected directly to the supply mains (galvanically isolated from the supply, i.e. on transformer secondary).
  • Requirement for environmental conditions
    For use in Pollution Degree 2 Environment only.


Basic principles

UL certification according to UL508. Devices with this kind of certification are marked by this sign:

UL notice - Compact Motion 1:


If terminals certified with restrictions are used, then the current consumption at 24 VDC must be limited accordingly by means of supply

  • from an isolated source protected by a fuse of max. 4 A (according to UL248) or
  • from a voltage supply complying with NEC class 2.
    A voltage source complying with NEC class 2 may not be connected in series or parallel with another NEC class 2compliant voltage supply!

These requirements apply to the supply of all EtherCAT bus couplers, power adaptor terminals, Bus Terminals and their power contacts.