Error indication

The stepper motor terminal offers various diagnostic options for the user. These error messages are subdivided into configuration errors, hardware warnings and hardware errors.

Configuration errors

In the event of an illogical configuration, i.e. if one of the registers R33, R34 (KL2541 only), R38, R39, R40, R42, R43 or R50 is zero, the bit ConfigError (SW.15) is set in the status word. From these registers, the terminal calculates further internal path control parameters. If these calculations return values outside the permissible range of values, i.e. if a particular target position can never be reached with the specified velocities and accelerations, this error bit is also set. It is reset automatically once the calculations return a correct result by changing the register values. These errors do not cause status bit SB.6 to be set!

Hardware warnings

The bit SB.5 (warning) is set in the status byte if the internal terminal temperature reaches 80 °C. SB.5 is automatically reset when the temperatures falls below 60 °C again.

Hardware error

The motor power is switched off and bit SB1.6 in the status byte is set if one of the following errors occurs.

  • Overtemperature (SW.8)
  • Undervoltage (UnderVoltage SW.9)
  • Open load, bridge A (OpenLoad Br A, SW.10)
  • Open load, bridge B (OpenLoad Br B, SW.11)
  • Overcurrent bridge A (OverCurrent Br A, SW.12)
  • Overcurrent bridge B (OverCurrent Br B, SW.13)
  • Outage of the 24 V control voltage (NoControlPower, SW.14)
    (The terminal is automatically reinitialized when the control voltage returns)

If an error occurs, it first has to be rectified and subsequently acknowledged and thus cancelled by setting bit CB.6 in the control byte.