KL2541 - Introduction

KL2541 - Introduction 1:

The KL2541 Bus Terminal is intended for stepper motors with medium performance range.

The PWM output stages cover a wide range of voltages and currents. Together with two digital inputs (5 V / 24 V) for limit switches and an incremental encoder interface (5 V / 24 V), they are located in the Bus Terminal. The incremental encoder interface as well as both digital inputs are also usable for 5 V signal level. The KL2541 can be adjusted to the motor and the application by changing just a few parameters.

64-fold microstepping ensures particularly quiet and precise motor operation. Together with a stepper motor, the KL2541 represents an inexpensive small servo axis.

The Bus Terminal is available in the KL2541-0000 version for standard wiring and the KS2541-0000 for pluggable wiring.

Moreover, a variation with 5 V encoder supply is available with KL2541-0006.