11 steps to protect your IPC

If a complete risk determination of a plant or machine is not possible, for example because the place of installation is unknown, or to achieve basic security without extensive security knowledge, it is recommended to consider some fundamental steps.

The 11 steps described in this section cannot protect the system against every type of attack, but they form a good basis for security management, which first of all presupposes a risk determination.

Therefore the applicability of the measures in the subsection "Getting started" should be considered in any case. The subsection "Further steps" then describes the measures that are useful in any case, but no longer directly concern the IPC or control cabinet and thus the automation technology.

The steps described here then refer to generally described measures from the section Measures. This is intended to enable an estimation of the extent to which the measure is necessary and useful. In general, reference will also be made to the step-by-step instructions in the Appendix for immediate execution.