Contact Beckhoff Incident Response Team


Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
Product management (Security)
Huelshorstweg 20
33415 Verl



E-mails to this address will be sent to the responsible employees of the Beckhoff Incident Response Team.

Public keys

The Beckhoff Incident Response Team has two keys to make contact:

  • PGP key with ID B4 F4 15 9A and fingerprint C9 6F 56 5C 39 49 43 58 AE B5 07 93 80 95 E1 2D B4 F4 15 9A
  • S/MIME certificate with ID 43 7E 2F D4 C5 01 A3 76 7D C2 31 9B and fingerprint EE 3C 29 C3 BA BC 4F D6 43 BE D1 B2 6B 0E 4A FD 22 CF 4E E0

Key download:

Working hours

The Incident Response Team normally works between 9:00 and 17:00 and does not work on public holidays in NRW.

Time zone: CET (Europe/Berlin)