FC510x - PCI cards for CANopen

Error telegrams: Emergency

The CANopen FC510x fieldbus card stores arriving emergency messages in the diagnostic area starting at offset 26 (see below). Up to 10 emergencies can be stored for each bus node. The oldest message is replaced if more emergencies than this arrive.

New diagnostic data (emergencies or other diagnostic data) is present as soon as the DiagFlag is set.

Node State

CANopen emergencies and other diagnostic data can be read via ADS. You need to enter the FC510x ADS Net-ID. Further ADS parameters:

Port: 200

IndexGroup: Lo-Word = 0xF180, Hi-Word = Node-Number.

IndexOffset: See below

Length: See below

If more than 26 bytes of diagnostic data have been read out the emergency memory is reset. The DiagFlag is reset as soon as at least 108 bytes have been read starting from offset 0. Alternatively, the flag is reset after each read access, if IndexGroup 0xF181 (instead of 0xF180) is used for reading.

A description of the diagnostic data at offset 0...23 is to be found in the corresponding Chapter. The diagnostic area starting at offset 24 is organized as follows:

Offset 24-25:
Number of consecutive emergencies
Offset 26 - n:
Emergencies (8 bytes each)

The significance of the emergency data is to be found in the technical documentation for the particular CANopen device.