FC310x - Profibus PCI fieldbus card



Standard DP Operation

In order to configure standard DP operation, proceed as follows in the TwinCAT System Manager:


Configure the DP Master

It is first necessary to configure a "PROFIBUS Master FC310x, PCI" I/O device (selecting "I/O devices" with right click, and then selecting "Append Device"). Find the corresponding channel on the "FC310x" tab (see FC310x tab under TwinCAT 2.8 or TwinCAT 2.9) ("Search" button) and adjust the baud rate, if necessary (the default value is 12 Mbit/s).


Add DP slaves

The Beckhoff slaves or third-party devices are to be configured. (All slaves whose GSD file is stored in subdirectory PROFIBUS of the System Manager are displayed automatically (sorted by manufacturer). Select the "General PROFIBUS Box (GSD)" under Miscellaneous to integrate other GSD files.

Adding a DP slave

In the case of modular slaves, it is then still necessary to add the terminal/IL modules (for Beckhoff slaves) or the DP module (for third-party devices).


System Start


TwinCAT Configuration Mode (from TwinCAT 2.9)

For the TwinCAT Configuration Mode, it is only necessary to exchange data with the configured slaves. To do this, TwinCAT Configuration Mode is started, and configuration of the DP master is activated using the "Reload Devices" button on the toolbar. After this, the data relating to the configured slaves can be read and written on the associated Variables tab from the System Manager.


TwinCAT Run-Mode

For the TwinCAT Run-Mode, it is now necessary for at least one variable of the PROFIBUS master or of the configured slave to be linked to a task. The project is then to be stored in the registry, and the TwinCAT system then started in Run-Mode. Data exchange with the slaves is not carried out until the associated task is started. If a number of tasks are linked with the PROFIBUS master or with the configured slave, then whichever task has the highest priority must be started in order for data to be exchanged with the slave.


Bus parameters

TwinCAT 2.8: The PROFIBUS DP Bus parameters are to be found on the device's PROFIBUS tab, and should only be modified by experienced users.

TwinCAT 2.9: The PROFIBUS DP bus parameters can be found in the Bus Parameters dialog, which can be selected via the FC310x tab (Bus Parameter (DP) button). They should only be modified by experienced users.