General Errors

No data exchange after replacing a bus coupler

You have exchanged the Ethernet Bus Coupler and set the same TCP/IP number, but data is not exchanged.

Every Ethernet device has its own, unique MAC-ID. This number is saved when connecting to an Ethernet node, and stored in a table. This table contains the correspondences between the MAC-ID and the TCP/IP number. You must delete this table. Do this in a DOS window, by entering the command "arp -d" and the TCP/IP number of the Bus Coupler.
Example: >arp -d<
If the DHCP protocol or the BootP protocol is active it is necessary to set the MAC-ID of the new coupler in the DHCP server or BootP server after changing the Bus Coupler.

Communication errors when online *

After a period in the online state (logged in via Ethernet/AMS) the message Communication error - logging out always occurs.

The data traffic through the Ethernet interface is jamming. Remedy:

  • Reduce the level of data communication.
  • Stop the cyclical data traffic, or lengthen the task time.
  • Reduce the number of windows open in the online display.
  • Log in via the serial interface.

* only BC9000